So, I started at a new job last month after leaving a truly horrible boss. Just some lovely snippets from my former boss:

  • He told me to wear bright lipstick and shorter dresses to speak with district attorneys (yes, I’m a lawyer, the worst).
  • He told me that a Judge was going to “cum in his pants” upon hearing one of my arguments.
  • He regularly would scream at me, say racist things about clients, make fun of me and the clients (or anyone around really). Even after I told him to discontinue these things, he did not.
  • He paid me a very low salary and claimed I should treat the position as a clinic.

So, after almost two years in true hell with this boss, I accepted a position with a somewhat competing firm with many more attorneys (even two other young female attorneys). I was ecstatic.

The thing is, I’m miserable here already. The bosses are fine. One is very harsh and critical but that’s to be expected and... I’m an adult. The other still says dumb sexist stuff but sadly I’ve learned that this is the norm in the legal profession. I’m in a pretty liberal field but still, I’m amazed by the sexism everyday.

At my last firm, I worked until 9-9:30 p.m. most nights, but one day a week I took a painting class at night and two days I went to the gym and then would come back to work. I would come in most Saturdays to work for approx. 5 hours.

At this job, I have been required to stay with the other two young female attorneys until 5 a.m. 3 times already, and then come into work the next day at 8 -9 like nothing was out of the ordinary. The other two females attorneys stay until 10-10:30 every night, even if there is no hard deadline. They routinely come in on Saturday and Sunday. They brag about having no social life, no hobbies and no fun. They’ve made a joke about how if one of us were to get married or pregnant, they would fire us because there is no way we could keep with the workload and schedule.


GT, what do you think? Have you gone through similar experiences? I like being productive and working hard but I also need to sleep about 6 hours/night, see my friends and boyfriend once in a while, and exercise. I’m starting to think I’ll have to go strictly non-prof (which I would love) or get out of the legal profession altogether if I ever want to be even a little bit happy.

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